We partner with world class builders to advance ideas developed by our team into category defining companies.

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The Benefits

  • Get right to building. We develop and validate ideas. We absolutely nail go to market with our extensive ecosystem of customers. You execute, innovate and ideate.

  • We invest $250K USD. Our builders start with SEED funding from us, and our extensive investor network is primed to follow if you need to raise additional funding.

  • We have extensive experience. We have helped fund and launch some of the worlds most effective cleantech startup accelerators which have leveraged nearly $2B in funding.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Momentum X looking for in a builder?2024-06-14T01:40:59+00:00

Momentum X seeks builders with an innovative mindset, adaptability, and a collaborative spirit. We value individuals who are resourceful, strategic thinkers, and growth-oriented, with a passion for clean technology. Builders should demonstrate leadership, initiative, and ideally have entrepreneurial experience, aligning with Momentum X’s mission to advance environmental sustainability through impactful clean technology solutions.

Does Momentum X invest in companies and ideas from outside the organization?2024-06-14T01:42:08+00:00

At Momentum X, we are dedicated to building new companies from within our organization by leveraging our extensive network, resources, and grant funding. Our primary focus is on internal development to ensure a cohesive and strategic approach to accelerating clean technology adoption. While we recognize the value of external innovations, our current investment strategy is centered around nurturing and growing ideas and companies that originate from within our ecosystem. This approach allows us to maintain a high level of alignment with our mission and maximize the impact of our efforts in advancing clean technology.

How are builders compensated?2024-06-14T01:42:57+00:00

At Momentum X, we believe in fully supporting our builders to ensure their success. Builders are compensated with a robust salary and a comprehensive benefits package. In addition to financial compensation, we provide curated access to our extensive network of partners, state-of-the-art office spaces, and cutting-edge equipment. Furthermore, we invest a standard $250,000 into every venture, demonstrating our commitment to our builders’ abilities and their projects. To support their journey, we offer expansive services including development, coaching, fundraising, and HR, ensuring that builders have everything they need to thrive.

What is a builder?2024-06-14T01:43:40+00:00

At Momentum X, a builder is an innovative and entrepreneurial individual who plays a crucial role in developing and launching new companies focused on clean technology. Builders engage in early-stage activities such as research, ideation, and the creation of minimum viable products (MVPs). They are responsible for leveraging grant funding, collaborating with Momentum X’s extensive network, and executing strategic go-to-market plans. Builders are resourceful, growth-oriented leaders who drive projects forward, ensuring that each venture aligns with Momentum X’s mission to accelerate the global adoption of clean technology.

Our Portfolio

The Value of Momentum X

A smarter, better-connected community

Momentum X is a venture studio that builds scalable platforms at the intersection of clean technology and financial technology–climate fintech–to direct public and private capital more efficiently towards low-carbon solutions.

Innovating this way hardly comes new to us. Since 2005, our founding partners have deployed over $20B in advanced climate technologies. They’ve developed 10 climate tech accelerators, ran solar and EV charging businesses, managed a venture capital portfolio, traded environmental commodities, designed public-private voucher and incentive programs, and consulted Fortune 100 companies on a wide range of decarbonization topics. This experience makes us experts in energy, mobility, and the built environment, and our work is dedicated to driving positive change in these sectors.

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